Blogs are strange, I’ve never read one, I’m not sure I know too many people who have.  They seemed to span a time between diaries and more interesting things, such as YouTube.  The presence of V-blogging, or Vlogging is in my opinion testament to the blog’s ultimate demise yet here I am writing one.  Perhaps their position in the digital world is a little more fragile for that fact.  To the blog’s credit, they do offer the layman the chance to periodically upload his or her thoughts for others to peruse.  The simplicity of text, maybe augmented with a picture or two, remains a low bandwidth medium that benefits the cruising sailor.

So, why is such an inexperienced blogger even attempting to jump on this potentially all but extinct web medium?  Well, I’m not sure is the short answer.  This site is a home for my aspiration to sail around the world.  As I write this in December 2015 the site is just live but still very much under development and a work in progress.  Only this summer did I decide to go ahead with such a trip and the first year was always envisaged as a research phase, followed by a planning phase, and then the (hopefully rather more enjoyable) execution phase.  Blogging is my attempt to track that journey, offer some insights into my sailing thoughts and my nautical history, some potentially useful, others maybe even entertaining, but all establishing that thread of a maritime journey that might just take me back home via the far side of the world.

This trip will only be possible with the help and support of others.  Although most certainly in its infancy, everyone whom I have approached so far to help has offered words of wisdom or more with utter generosity and friendliness.  The impetus to start the blog is down to the help of one man, Dylan Winter, whose exploits in taking his small boats around the UK (through his mantra of “keep turning left”) are the story of another keen sailor who made the choice to do what he loved now, instead of regretting that he hadn’t later.  (,

Fair winds,
John and Coralee

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