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I’m thrilled to be able to support two excellent charities during this adventure.  I have affiliated with the Blue Marine Foundation as well as Turn to Starboard for the trip.  These two charities operate in the marine environment and are leaders in their respective fields.  All money raised will be split between them and make a real difference.

I chose these charities as I truly believe in their causes but I have also seen first hand how they work.  The charities are small, nimble and effective.  Their CEOs are vibrant and hugely engaged with their aims.  These are no bloated, big, or cumbersome charities with large endowments, rather small-staff, energetically run, efficient groups of passionate people making real differences.  Please do support these charities all you can; it helps them and drives me forward too.

Turn to Starboard
T2S_1I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the time I spent in the British Army, working in teams and being placed in difficult and challenging situations.  Most of my sailing was through the Forces and those experiences are what have brought me here.  Turn to Starboard (T2S) offers sailing as a means of re-engaing and re-habilitating ex-servicesmen who have suffered mentally or physically from the unique nature of service life.  Before beginning this adventure I helped out T2S as a volunteer skipper, taking crews and students to sea on family weeks, mile builders, and qualifying courses.  The difference that sailing has made to these veterans is striking and I am pleased to be able to continue to help T2S as I continue my own sailing journey.

Blue Marine Foundation
L1The World’s oceans and seas are immensely  important ecosystems, possibly more important than we can ever imagine. We have been over-fishing, over-using, over-polluting, and under-appreciating them for too long.  Unless we act now they will deteriorate to a degree from which they cannot recover; we will be left without their food, resources, and diversity.  In addition, if we damage them through climate change, their flows and streams may change to a degree that kills many land-species.  The Blue Marine Foundation is focused on establishing ‘Marine Protected Areas’ (MPA) across the world. Their efforts are ensuring that the maritime environment is correctly valued and protected for future generations. I look forward to visiting many of the MPAs and seeing the positive impact of responsible use of the oceans.