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Many individuals and companies have been very helpful and supportive towards my adventure.  Some have been able to be support me more than others and I’d like to take a moment to mention them and the support that they’ve offered.  If you are able to help or support me in this adventure, please get in touch, as even the smallest help is hugely appreciated and there is still lots to do before I move onboard and ‘slip the lines’ in 2018.

Halyling Yacht Company
The Halyling Yacht Company is refitting Coralee over the winter and allowing me to work on her at the same time.  It are a small but excellent yard on the South Coast. http://www.haylingyacht.co.uk

Copper Coat
Copper Coat has helped by providing Copper Coat at a very helpful price.  The specialist system should allow Coralee to stay in the water for a lot longer than a standard anti-foul, while not being harmful to the environment. http://www.coppercoat.com

YB Tracking
YB Tracking offer global tracking of anything you like: car, yacht, person, or even an iceberg.  YB Tracking has been kind enough to assist in ensuring that Coralee (and I) can be tracked wherever we go. http://www.ybtracking.com

B E Wedge (galvanising)
B E Wedge are the only firm in the UK who can do a proper job of re-galvanising your anchor and chain.  I couldn’t find a single yachting site that recommended anyone else. Wedge was kind enough to recondition 60m of chain and a Danforth anchor at no cost – a hugely generous offer; thank you so much B E Wedge! http://www.wedge-galv.co.uk